frequently asked questions

Choosing the ring size

This is a chart that will help you to choose the correct size of your ring.

Metaformi uses sizing according to inside diameter of the ring in mm.

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Jewelry care

Some of our jewelry is made from raw brass. Brass is a natural material (alloy of copper and zinc), which changes with time and exposure. We like its patina, but there is always a way with a little effort to bring back the shiny gold tone.

Here are some tips how to keep your jewelry shiny:

Keep your jewelry clean

Wash your jewels with mild soap and warm water and after – polish with dry soft cloth.

Polish it for more shine.

Use jewelry polishing cloth or what works even better – a cream for brass polishing. Put a thin layer on the surface and wipe it gently with soft cloth. Exclude the stone parts. Wash with warm water and pat with dry soft cloth.

Store it in a dry place

Brass can tarnish in response to moisture and air exposure – store your jewelry in a sealed jewelry box, the shine will last longer.

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