“Jewelry worth to wait for.

Thousands of years until the marble was created, months until the piece was designed, days until it was handcrafted.

Now feel free to wear it forever.”


The new collection by Metaformi works with new materials – semi-precious stones, silver and gold, which bring new colors, energy, but especially a new concept applied in every jewel – “freedom”. The stones literally “dance” on the jewels, they are not firmly attached as in previous collections. Beauty, unrestrained movement, rich color and exclusivity embodied in the new collection reflect the personality and energy of the woman, their wearer. 

The name loop refers to the circle, which is the formal basis of jewelry, and to the time loop, the movement that repeats forever, as the main idea of the collection.


The brand originated from the enthusiasm for beautiful things and beautiful materials from its founder, designer Tatiana Lesajová. In 2016, the first jewel was made of unique material – marble, with which the author still works. Currently, new minerals – semi-precious stones with strinking natural colors are used for the new collection. Metaformi is characterized by minimalism, all jewels have simple design, but at the same time, they can not be overlooked. Their surfaces show the structures of natural materials that make each piece original.

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