“Jewelry worth to wait for.

Thousands of years until the marble was created, months until the piece was designed, days until it was handcrafted.

Now feel free to wear it forever.”


Solid rock and polished metal are what create a new collection by Metaformi. We named it after legendary adamant – rock that possesses the qualities as hardness, unbreakability, and luster of a diamond.

We love beauty that is represented by purity. All jewels are handcrafted from black and white marble, are modest in shape, tinier than before – which now make the detail “bigger” and more important. The shine of the polished stone and metal is perfectly displayed at round shapes of every piece.



Metaformi is a brand of handcrafted jewelry founded in 2016 by Tatiana Lesajová, originally an interior and product designer based in Bratislava.

Metaformi jewelry combines the natural durable materials – marble and brass to create unique objects. The original pattern of marble designed by nature for thousands of years is captured in every single piece. The name Metaformi refers to this process of creation – the metamorphosis of marble and simple forms to which the stone is shaped to create a timeless beauty that can be worn forever.


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