“Jewelry worth to wait for.

Thousands of years until the marble was created, months until the piece was designed, days until it was handcrafted.

Now feel free to wear it forever.”



Serpentine collection, the second collection from Metaformi brings color with its new pieces, unlike the first monochromatic one. Jewels are made of marble from Italy - green Verde Alpi in combination with favorite white Bianco Carrara.

The green color and the unique texture of Verde Alpi which may evoke the skin of snake define the name of the new Serpentine collection – from Latin serpēns – snake. White marble – Bianco Carrara with its light smoky textures completes and balances the soft feminine combination.

The simplicity of forms of necklaces and rings are even closer to basic geometric shapes. The design leaves more space for the material – beautiful and unique marble with polished brass – to speak for itself.


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